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Sapphire in matrix

Sapphire in matrix

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Sapphire is a stone that represents strength and immortality. Blue Sapphires are rare, valuable and comparatively more expensive crystals. Blue Sapphires are mined in India, in the province of Kashmir.

Sapphire is a type of Corundum, a very hard mineral, the second hardest after Diamond. Sapphire is the stone of rulers and kings, because already in the distant past, Sapphires could only be worn by high-ranking persons, for example, Cleopatra's crown was decorated with blue Sapphires, as well as the crown of the British Royal House and Russian Empire, and the brooch of the Maharajah of India were decorated with magnificent sapphires.

Magical properties - This crystal symbolizes prosperity, success and self-confidence, and since ancient times it is believed that it helps to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The crystal has a positive effect on human energy, protects against evil people, diseases and black magic. It is the blue Sapphire that helps to accept life in all its manifestations, forgives offenses, gives peace and joy to its owner.

Healing properties - have a beneficial effect on the human body, have the ability to calm down, and also reduce blood pressure. Recommended for people suffering from neuroses and insomnia. Beneficially affects the musculoskeletal system, treats colds, diseases of the endocrine and urogenital systems.

Blue Sapphire is not suitable for all Zodiac signs. Astrologers recommend it only for seven signs: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces.

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